myWAM – My Waterworks Account Manager

MyWAM:- The Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) has started a My Waterworks Account Manager (MYWAM) portal to provide users better access to their water connection metrics and due payments. The platform is a one-stop solution for customers to login to their Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) accounts and check pending bills, billing policies, and rate information from anywhere.

myWAM registration also helps users securely view and pay their pending bills while also tracking their account balance and monitoring their consumption patterns regularly. Advanced analytics features allow the users of the MyWAM platform to even check their personal consumption records against the region average. The payment gateway of the MYWAM portal provides ample options to users. One can choose any mode of online payment like credit card, debit card, net banking, etc., to settle their dues.

MyWAM Access And Payments

Attention: If you receive an error while making a payment, please contact Customer Service at 877-637-3661 before attempting another payment.
My Waterworks Account Manager (MYWAM)
myWAM – Los Angeles Water Bill Payment Login Page

As stated before, the Water Works Los Angeles’ My Waterworks Accounts Manager provides easy access to users to their Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) accounts. Every user is assigned a customer ID or number when they take a connection authorized by the LACWD. Along with this, the customers are required to generate an online new account number and both these details need to be kept handy to make a MyWAM account.

By providing these details, you will be authorized to create a user ID and Waterworks login password for your My Waterworks Accounts Manager. Once your account setup is complete, you need to update your contact information with the department. After this is done, you will start receiving regular notifications from the LA County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) and can use your water works login to track your water connection, account metrics, and consumption data, respectively.

LADWP: Water Bills and Payments

Paying your water bills with the LADWP is very convenient with multiple payment options. These online water bill payment methods are considered most suitable for LA residents looking to avoid shutoffs and penalties owing to non-payment of dues.

The simplest way to pay your water bill is by authorizing manual settlements whenever the amount is due. Residential customers are allowed to use Visa or MasterCard credit cards and My PayLA as well. Saving the payment details for future convenience is optional, and making one time payments like this are always free of cost on the LADWP official portal.

LADWP also enables automatic monthly payments for customers who wish to opt-in. This simply requires the pre-authorization of money debit from your bank account for payment towards the LADWP. The automatic debit always takes place 10 days after the official bill has been released and delivered to the customers via mail or otherwise.

Specific customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power get to avail the benefits of extended payment plans. Once the user matches the eligibility criteria for this service, they get to pay charges at discounted rates along with payment extensions in certain cases.

Los Angeles Water Bill Assistance

Families struggling with water bill payments can avoid disconnections through Payment Extensions, Discount Programs, and Payment Plans. All these options are available and explained in detail on the MyWAM registration website. Payment extensions are simply meant to help those people who are unable to pay their bills by their due dates.

Matching the LADWP’s eligibility criteria like having 50 percent or more of the balance on your water bills at one of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Customer Service Centers can help you achieve this benefit.

Low Income Discount Programs deliver upto 30-40% discount on residential water bills to income customers of LADWP. The reduced rates ultimately provide a lot of financial aid to customers on their sewer and water services.

The Lifeline Discount Program for the seniors and disabled personnel is an assistance program aimed to lower the water and sewer bills for eligible customers in LA. Permanently disabled people need to provide a valid proof of disability to avail this concession.

Everything You Need To Know About The My Waterworks Account Manager (MyWAM)

Water bill payments in Los Angeles are submitted to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is the largest municipality in the United States. Any residential or commercial water supply system or connection needs to be established and recognized by the LADWP before it can be used in full flow. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was among the first ones to popularize the use of recycled water. This has translated into a decrease in charges for both residential as well as commercial customers in the area.

As recently as January 2022, the rates charged by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have been revised. As per the revision, customers paying Tier 3 rates will now be charged $10.436 for a hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water which was earlier priced at $9.192. For those customers who pay a tier 4 rate for their water supply, there was an increase of about $3.602. So, their initial charges of $9.192 for a HCF are now revised to $12.794. Besides this, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power also caters to other utilities, and it is stated that the average utility costs in Los Angeles is 129 dollars per month.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

How Do I Pay My Water Bill in LA?

Residents and commercial unit owners in Los Angeles can avail the benefits of the online MyWAM portal to their bills. Other than online payment options through this official website of LA Waterworks or the My Pay LA platform, the options to have regular in-person payments are also present. You can also inquire with the department for payment plans and extensions, respectively.

How do I register for MyWAM?

Once you visit the official website for the My Waterworks Accounts Manager, you will be asked to submit your new account number and customer ID. On providing both these details, you will be allowed to set up your account by adding contact information. Only when the contact information is submitted, your residential or commercial connections will be reflected on the portal.

Does Los Angeles Public Works provide water and power services? If so, in which areas?

With more than 68,000 active customers, the Los Angeles Public Works serves a huge area within the Los Angeles region. The areas of jurisdiction majorly include City of Lancaster, City of Palmdale, Antelope Valley, Valverde area, Kagel Canyon, City of Malibu, Topanga Canyon, and the Marina del Rey area.

Where are your Permit Offices and what hours are they open?

The Headquarters building is located at 900 South Fremont Avenue in the City of Alhambra. You can inquire about your regional centers and other details from the headquarters directly. Otherwise, offices like the Land Development Division permit office are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m while the Building and Safety permit offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can I set up my account to be paid automatically, and can I pay by credit card?

Automatic payment options along with credit card payments are available on the My Waterworks Accounts Manager portal. You only need to pre-authorize automatic debits from your accounts on the LA works log in portal itself. Options for card-based payments are readily available on the portal.

What are the responsibilities of Los Angeles Public Works and the property owner for the sewers?

Los Angeles County Public Works is very much responsible for the public drains and sewers that are present on the streets and in public places. However, the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of residential or commercial lines that connect their property with the public sewers.

What email address should I set my junk email filter to allow incoming emails from MyWAM?

Many users complain of not receiving active notifications, from the my Waterworks accounts manager portal, since the mails get delivered to the junk folder directly. Simply add and for your junk email filter so that you always receive our notifications timely.

How to know the location, depth and the size of a sewer line out in the street?

Visit the local building and safety office or the Survey Division’s Public Counter for details on the same. The public counter is located on the 4th floor of our headquarters building at 900 South Fremont Avenue in the City of Alhambra.

What is a Construction Permit?

For cutting, removing, and reconstructing any drains, sideways, parks, etc., you will require a Construction Permit from the Los Angeles County Public Works Department. Getting a permit issued is extremely important to ensure that your building projects are legal as well as compliant with industry and safety standards.

How do I sign up for paperless billing or eBill?

When you register on the My Waterworks Accounts Manager platform, you will be asked whether you require a paper-based offline bill or not. You can opt for an e-bill where the monthly bill will be mailed to you in a PDF format.